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The destination of the future

A day of study to understand together what it means, today, to create and promote tourist experiences in the area and what are the scenarios that open up to the destination of the future.

All destinations have the need to increase, manage and stabilize their ability to attract tourist flows that guarantee satisfactory economic results for local operators, preserving the territory from the risk of overtourism.

It therefore becomes increasingly important to enhance the distinctive factors of the territory and to qualify it as suitable for specific experiences and certain types of stay.

A Destination Lab to take stock of:


What are the players of the Destination Management involved today?

Given the current context, are the strategic processes implemented sufficient?

How can we generate new and greater incoming tourist flows ?

Understanding and studying the tourist phenomenon

Are the data available on tourism and their timing sufficient?

  • Analyzing and interpreting data at all levels has become indispensable for the creation of offers that make destinations attractive, each for its own specificities.
  • Rethinking the methods of analysis and data extraction, taking more into account also the travel habits and behavioral processes of tourists, crossing big data and small data, will therefore be the key to predict trends and generate greater appeal with specific proposals and integrated.

Destination marketing and digital

There are no new travelers but travelers with new eyes.

  • Not only the Millenials, but also the Boomers have choice criteria and purchasing habits very different from the past that necessarily go through the digital world.
  • A virtuous use of digital adds value to the destination, allows a more correct profiling of the offer and, consequently, allows a promotion of experiences in line with the tastes and behaviors of tourists.
  • Are Apt and tourism promotion bodies still able to offer truly targeted and effective strategies for their territories?

Quality of the hospitality and reputation of the destination

Two sides of the same coin.

  • All the hospitality offered must be in line with the destination proposal and be able to meet the expectations and reputation generated.
  • The creation of a unitary model that includes guidelines for the structures becomes fundamental for the reputation of the territory and for the perception of widespread hospitality that reflects and enhances its strengths, generating positive word of mouth.

8 hours of training and updating

Do not miss the opportunity to participate for free in Destination Lab, a whole day of study, comparison and updating on all that is management and promotion of the tourist destination.