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A workshop on the future of tourist destinations 25 maggio 2021
Palacongressi in Rimini, Italy
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From Destination to Local Experience

The concept of "tourist destination" is evolving all over the world. The most recent studies on tourism, in addition to the success of AirBnb and experiential tourism, are giving us precise guidelines on what tourists are looking for in the destination: local experiences. Not just visiting, but experiencing the area.

It is crucial to redefine the concept of destination, taking into consideration the emotional perspective. Indeed, emotion is what the tourist is looking for today. And it is the tourist who shapes the destination..

Destination Lab is a workshop on the future of tourist destinations which aims to understand what it takes to create and promote tourist experiences in specific areas .

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A day of debate

In the ever-changing industry of hospitality, discussion and exchanging of views are extremely helpful in order to develop business strategies. Debates will focus on:

  • Taking stock of the state of the art, interpreting trends and learning about future scenarios.
  • Finding new ideas and methodologies to enhance destinations consistent with tourists' needs.
  • Understanding how to attract wider but more profiled flows.
  • Offering and selling more and better territorial experiences.

The topics

Destination Lab is a laboratory, a breeding ground for ideas, opinions, experiences and case studies.

  1. Start Up
    News on services that allow tourists to get to know, reach and experience a destination better. Digital promotion and tools to enhance and optimize the services of a territory. The best projects, the best ideas, the best innovative solutions.
  2. Experiences and "tourisms"
    The most successful stories of an event or a specific activity that created value for a territory. Case studies of areas that managed to stand out and promote themselves through the creation of experiences.
  3. New mobility, new hospitality
    Successful case histories, keynotes on new services, studies focused on new mobility formulas, green energy, tourist reception office projects and new accommodation models.
  4. The great challenges of the future
    Overtourism, sustainability, accessibility, circular economy applied to tourism, new needs of travelers. The most important issues related to risks and opportunities in the tourist industry will be addressed in order to find ideas and solutions thanks to the opinion of the most influential experts.

Who is it for?

Do you work in the hospitality industry? Destination Lab is what you need.

  • Destination Lab is addressed to all those involved in promoting a territory, a destination, a tourist supply chain.
  • Tour operators: hoteliers, travel agents, restaurateurs, destination managers, institutions.
  • The meeting is open to all those who want to explore tourism dynamics and understand how the tourism system is evolving internationally.

Why participate?

7 good reasons to be there.

  1. Listen to Italian and international experts.
  2. Read more on tourist trends.
  3. Ask questions and find answers concerning the management and promotion of destinations.
  4. Listen to inspiring successful stories.
  5. Understand how and why to abandon obsolete practices that are no longer in line with tourists’ needs and behaviors.
  6. Find ideas on how to enhance and promote the destination.
  7. Understand how to network in the tourism market.

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Palacongressi in Rimini, Italy

The second edition of Destination Lab, the workshop on the future of the Tourist Destination, will take place at Palacongressi in Rimini (Italy).